About me

I am the including maniac Saxophone and in this time I am learning Saxophone in conservatoire of Y2K Studio in Bekasi south. Problem Benefit talking which I feel during mentioned of my body become clear and healthy my soul head amused. Target of me make this Blog wish to invite people what not yet recognized indepth Saxophone and desire Where buying of…? where learning of…? If destroying where its…? Its price how much/many..? There is which is seken nope…? ETC. Word of Mas martono, friend I which have ‘ ngemot’ and ‘ nyebul’ a yearlong more spell out members ” Do not recognize hence do not Darling, besotted in essence…….”. more important again its target is wishing this Blog become place each other converting to convert information, experience sharing especially all senior which have is longer ‘ ngemot’ and ‘ nyebul’ saxophone, so that this community become media to increase the quality of life have music for that hobi.Untuk PLEASE give comments / comment in CHAT BOX as medium is communicating each other. hopefully……..


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