Posted by: andreassurazie | July 10, 2008

“NGE-SAX” is very Easy


See its buttonhole, hard likely to be played. Weight and is complicated, and also long napas butuh. But first impression often cheat. Play saxophone in the reality easy to and can be [done/conducted] at the same time cengar-cengir. Even the including castanets family breeze wood, but have never been met [by] made saxophone of wood. Saxophone made of [by] brass remember in character which is [is] easy to be formed. There [is] many kinds of saxophone, there [is] diametrical [is] such as those which blown [by] Kenny G., there [is] tortous also played [by] kayak [is] Dave Koz or late Embong Rahardjo. Way of playing this just appliance modestly, its capital also merely do-re-mi. Hence him, can be told studied easier saxophone and played to be to be compared to castanets breeze other kinds of flute, oboe, clarinet, or faggot.

[his/its] Original, voice that saxophone [of] refinement and is soft, as according to that epoch orchestra. But, linking in its growth [is] weared as attendant of phrenetic rumba music, will do not willing to saxophone have to follow to scream also [so that/ to be] can be heard. For that then modify by making mouthpiece, source of sound [at] saxophone, becoming slimer and fine-form. Its result, its voice become harderly, more whew and [do] not simply weh. In its growth, saxophone later;then become especial castanets [at] jazz. Figures dabbling there can be referred [as] [by] for example John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and Steve Lacey. Now castanets breeze this have become the part of almost each;every music, start from pop until dangdut.


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