Posted by: andreassurazie | July 10, 2008

My Saxophone’s Teacher

Yoyok's in Action
Yoyok’s in Action

Mr. Yoyok…. the above is true all ‘student’ called him, instructor of Saxophone [in] studio and conservatoire of Y2K this [of] Its people [of] kalem, cusorily [do] not see if him a musikus ‘ Reliable’ and ‘ Cool Hand’ that’s first impression which I feel when first time I [is] trained ‘ Ngemot’ and ‘ Nyebul’ Saxophone. Pattern teach [him/it] please and [He/She] (it) is true master and clever also play ‘ The Sexy’ with Professional. Its student [is] immeasurable the than young, until which above 40 year like me. Its reputation in managing Conservatoire and Studio of Y2K [in] Bekasi South have International. Some international event have handled of and obtain;get proud appreciation.


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