Posted by: andreassurazie | June 27, 2008

Saxophone and Me

Since pass Faculty Of Technique Majors Geodesy University of Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta and work in Jakarta, I very fancy to castanets Saxophone. In my ear castanets which very inspire feeling or engross to be enjoyed, more than anything else if listening in Cafe at the same time relax after tired working. since working in the Consultant Mapping in Jakarta very diligent follow events of TVRI that scorpion, which display music events with Maryono saxophone’s player. But saxophone is not castanets triffle. Do not like guitar which is its price reached or piano which is coincidence in my Sister house, I don’t have to access to saxophone. Because its price tens of million rupiah. Become for a number of years I have enough like by listening it. But I will fixed have saxophone. Unhappily, that hunt is always collided at the price of which is that scorpion not yet been reached.

Come up with June 2007, at the time I come in contact with justly old friend its name Ir. Sumartono which also have same dream, he tell a story that have owned saxophone and even have played it, to me on view pass HP Video moment record he bring ” Killing me softly with his song”. Of this Martono obtaining many information where… can get saxophone….and learn or to breezeing it. And In the reality after that meeting there is my expectation to owning it.

suzhou university china

suzhou university china

Wooow… as getting durian collapse, when with family have a time to visit China, a music shop of display saxophone ” Alto” made in China, after entering and tried its voice also precisely with its puff oscillation of Kenny G, after driving a bargain occurence at the price of 1500 Yuan, or if rupiah with rate 1 Yuan=1300 rupiah around Rp.1.950.000,- its Jakarta price around Rp. 4.000.000,-. So reach Jakarta, Martono recommend for study to studio and conservatoire of Y2K, which is coincidence of me know precisely its address because it is true reside in complex of Ruko close to my residence. After meeting its teacher he play saxophone of that Chinese…. and in the reality… its voice. ” Good”, its voice enough nicely, its metal from quality of good. Hence nope sometime later, I direct enlist study in Conservatoire and Studio of Y2K in Bekasi.


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