Posted by: andreassurazie | June 27, 2008

Y2K Music School and Studio

 Y2K Music School and Studio Since forming of in the year 2000, Y2K Music School and Studio with support of fasilitss complete education, instructor energy which [is] professional and also inwrought curriculum, ever give best in education of technique have music [to] and also development of creativity. Conservatoire of Y2K Studio [is] school giving education of music as a(n) which can balance awaken sensitivity of knowledge and esthetics about playing at music and sing real correct and good to [all] the rising generation. For the purpose of that, school provide instructor energy with strong education background, professional and experienced in hand music instrument and vocal. Therefore, to support process learn adequate to student, conservatoire of Y2K studio give facility equipments of music, room learn with computer, tape, vcd, room and recording of home concert for the appearance of medium and learn adequate other ( practice studio) and also program of akademik other annual. According To MOTTO Conservatoire of Y2K Studio, ” with unlimited music”, we have mission and vision to share and also actively in developing musical society as part of forming of character personality of nation.


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